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SHEPHERD ENERGY Conservation is simple but incorporated with latest technology, and is one- step, centralized solution. It reduces the power demand of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps, fluorescent lamp fittings by reducing the load voltage and current, with resultant improvement in power factor. The simple formula for an AC circuit is :

Power = Voltage x Current x Power Factor

Power saving is achieved by modest reduction in voltage by 5% to 10% (as per site requirement) on mix load and on lighting load which in turn reduce load current by 15% to 20%. It results in a reduction of power consumed by theoretically 15% to 20% on mix – lighting + A.C. load and up to 30% on lighting load (of course, this reduction is entirely depends on various conditions prevailing at site, and user’s electrical net work). In practice; ENERGY savings of 15% on mix load and at least 20% on lighting loads are regularly achieved. An over-proportional drop in energy loss across the ballast occurs as a result of the same over-proportional current drop when supply voltage is reduce. Variations again, do occur depending on the type of lamp fitting, type of ballast and type/age of tubes. Load current reductions achieved are generally higher for older ballasts (i.e. Class C) where the rated nominal ballast loss is higher, an advantage for existing buildings.

Efficiently and properly designed with saving oriented applied technology Energy conservation unit (which is not merely reducing the voltage but) customizes entire system more efficiently and in a user friendly manner, thus resulting in an increase in lighting efficiency (lm/w) of >20% enabling a significant reduction in power/energy (w) to be applied with no perceptible loss in light out (lm). The reduction of voltage is only a part of entire logic but not an entire logic. The entire logic has active involvement of customising the energy conservation solution without compromising the end users comforts, without affecting the end user’s operations, without increasing maintenance related burdens and most importantly without reducing the usage of utilities and still saving electricity! With increased safety and it has all monitoring with fully reliable accountability. The system doesn't lower voltage but deliver adequate, balanced & nearly stable voltage even though the supply voltage is fairly unstable. Embedded controlled logic also plays significant role in achieving precise control over entire operational system.

is designed and developed to make entire system more efficient and instant money saving with drastically low payback duration . It never compels you to reduce the usage but it conserve thru ’ surpluses. It minimise the wastage which is shrinking your PROFIT & burning the ENVIRONMENT.
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