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Works. : 91 - 022 - 2500 8480 / 4011 1896

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About Transformer
The transformer helps in converting low voltage into high voltage or visa-versa and accordingly the transformer is termed step - up or step-down. The transformer works on the principle of electro-magnetic induction. Such phenomena can take place in a static device, only, if the magnetic flux is continually varying. It is therefore clear that static transformers can only be used with alternating currents only. When an alternating EMF is applied to the primary winding of a transformer with the secondary winding open circuited, a small current flows in the primary winding which serves to magnetize the core and to feed the iron losses of the transformer.

Transformer (General).

‘SHEPHERD’ is in the field of manufacturing of power & control transformers since 1980. it manufacture single phase, two phase and three phase in natural air cooled, forced air cooled and oil cooled version. The capacity is ranging from 500VA to 750KVA form 6V to 6600V and from 1Amp to 10000Amps.
Type of such transformers are sub divided in following varieties :
Auto transformers.

Isolation Transformers.

Motor Starting Transformers.

Three phase to two phase Scott connected transformers.

Oil cooled Transformer with all required accessories and fittings.

L.T.Current Transformers.

Continious Variable Auto Transformers.

Ignition Transformers.

Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT).

All above mentioned transformers are wound with high grade electrolytic super enameled copper wire/strips and fitted with prime quality CRGO low loss core (lamination) insulated with class F/H insulations, varnish with oven back class F/H insulation varnish, double vacuum impregnated. All Transformers are coated with Moisture Protection varnish. These Transformers are generally confirming to IS 2026, BS171 specifications. These Transformers are supplied either in open execution type for incorporating in side panel or in sheet metal enclosure suitable for indoor/outdoor application (as per clients specifications).
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