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Ultra Isolation Transformer
An isolation transformer, which often has symmetrical windings, is used to decouple two circuits. An isolation transformer allows an AC signal or power to be taken from one device and fed into another without electrically connecting the two circuits. Isolation transformers can be used to block transmission of DC signals from one circuit to the other, but allow AC signals to pass. They will also block interference caused by ground loops. Isolation transformers with electrostatic shields are used for power supplies for sensitive equipment such as computers or laboratory instruments.

Shielded Isolation Transformers :

Shielded isolation transformers have all the features of the standard isolation transformers plus they also incorporate a full metallic shielding (this shielding is often copper or aluminum) between the primary and secondary windings. These shielded isolation transformers are then referred to as electrostaticly shielded isolation transformers. The electrostatic shield ( "Faraday Shield" ) is connected to earth ground and performs two functions :

It filters (attenuates) voltage spikes (voltage transients). These shielded isolation transformers have an attenuation ratio of 100 to 1.

It filters common mode noise. This is usually an attenuation of approximately 30 decibels.

The isolation transformer is a 1:1 power transformer. It is used as a safety precaution when it comes to troubleshooting, testing and servicing of electronic equipments. The neutral wire of an outlet is connected to the ground, directly. Any grounded object near the device being tested may be at a hazardous potential difference in relation to the device. When an isolation transformer is used, the bonding is eliminated. The risk of shock is contained within the device itself.

Electrical surges can be reduced using isolation transformers. When surge suppression parts are placed at the line input and output with full line isolation, it filters continuously power line noise in all modes. Even in the worst of power environments, the surges are reduced to a level that will not affect the equipments.

The major problem is reliability of power. Power surges, noise and other factors have always affected electrical and electronic equipments. It is very essential when people depend on such gadgets all the time to have uninterrupted, quality power supply. Many of the equipments are sensitive and will fail to work or not work properly if it is continuously subjected to power disturbances. This is where the AC power isolation transformers are most useful. They give us protection for our equipments and help us use the electronic and electrical equipments without any worry.

SHEPHERD Ultra Isolation Transformers is basically designed for Isolating sensitive equipments from noisy power lines. Providing complete electrostatic shielding and guarding. Filtering power line from Noise, Spikes and Transient and very high DC isolation greater than 1000 M ohms.

In a conventional Transformer, the noise transients, spikes, radio frequency interference signals etc., leak from the primary to the secondary though inter winding capacitance to a level-as low as 0.005PF (Pico farad) which attenuates the incoming direct line noise, spikes, transients RFI etc., drastically to much lower level of their value in the secondary as compared to what is present in the primary.

The minute disturbance caused by utility feeder switching, lighting, air conditioning, motors or any other source of noise will distort the performance of sensitive equipment leading to costly consequences. Due to noisy power line computer may behave erratic involving expenses reprocessing of data or all together breakdowns of instrumentation. Patient’s life may be endangered due to wrong diagnosis by medical equipments such as ECG, EEG, and EMG Machines.

SHEPHERD Isolation Transformers are noise suppression isolators, are extremely special triple Isolated Transformers with special magnetic circuitry to effectively eliminate all power line transients without causing any direct insertion loss or high output impedance.

SHEPHERD Isolation Transformer is also specially recommended for medical, surgical diagnostic or therapeutic equipments due to inherent property or extremely high D.C. Isolation between Input and Output greater than 1000M Ohms safeguarding against shock hazards. Isolation Transformer is a must for all advance range Computer installations, Electro-Medical equipments, CNC/NC machines communication equipments, process controllers and in general for all sensitive and critical equipments.

SHEPHERD Ultra Isolation Transformers are generally designed for Input Voltage range is generally 115V/230V/415V nominal & out put voltage range is also generally 115V/230V/415V. Mode of operation as step-down or step-up or 1:1 in Isolation Transformers, DC Galvanic isolation over 1000M Ohms between any windings or windings to ground, Breakdown strength 3500V AC for 1 minutes Load regulation within 3%. We have manufacturing range of capacity is in single phase up to 50KVA. & in three phase up to 150KVA.
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