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Ques. : Can other energy saving measures be used with Power Saver?

Ans. : Yes. Installation of Power Saver is complementary to and can be used in conjunction with other lighting controls such as timers, occupancy sensors etc. Additionally, the use of inexpensive electronic starters will further improve the lighting efficiency, provide quick start-up of lamps as well as stopping any flickering of lamps, and significantly lengthen tube life.

Ques. : How much saving of Greenhouses Gas Emissions can Power Saver achieve?

Ans. : The 10KVA version of power saver (210 x 36W tubes) savers around 20tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions per unit per annum (based on Queensland coal power generation).

Ques. : Can I read the current savings being achieved on Power Saver?

Ans. : The Energy Conservation is designed to be able to interface with a data logger that can record and display the savings, normally in KWH. Data loggers t can be sourced as an optional feature of an installation.

Ques. : Does the SHEPHERD ECU harm the lamp's ballasts?

Ans. : Decreasing the lamp ballast temperature increases the life of the insulation and therefore the life of the ballast. Studies have shown that increasing a Ballast ’ s operating temperature by 10%, would reduce the life of the transformer by half. The ballast is a special kind of transformer. The SHEPHERD ECU installation would decrease the ballast's temperature by 8 to 10%, leading to an increase in the life of the ballast.

Ques. : Is The Power Saver unit safe?

Ans. : Power Saver is inherently safe, automatically adjusting it ’s operation with the operating environment (no chance of combustion or dramatic system failure).

Ques. : Who installs the product?

Ans. : We encourage installation by your normal electricians who are familiar with your electrical installation.

Ques. : When does Power Saver require service and maintenance?

Ans. : The units do not normally require servicing. They are a true set and forget product. However, the installation should be checked at least annually for ingress of such items as insects and moisture.

Ques. : What is expected life of Power Saver?

Ans. : Power Saver has an self life in excess of 15 to 18 years.

Ques. : Does Power Saver work with building management systems (BMS)?

Ans. : Yes, the units are designed to interface to a BMS, but functions automatically with or without a BMS. Software formats vary between BMS systems, so a degree of software customisation is required either in power server or the BMS system or the BMS system.

Ques. : What is the range and capacity of your equipment?

Ans. : The E.C. Units are manufactured in vide range of capacity ranging from 5KVA to 15KVA in single phase and from 10KVA to 750KVA in three phase to suit plant lighting load. They are designed in Natural Air cooled; Forced Air cooled and Oil cooled versions as per requirement and needs.

Ques. : How many equipment we need to have at our location?

Ans. : That is depending on the size of your load and nature of your electrical distribution network. If you have central lighting dedicated panel then you need only one equipment, this is one single piece solution. Unlike chokes and energy saving tube lights or say PL lamps etc… You need not require changing in hundreds or thousands in quantity, In our case do not change any thing and just install one equipment on your MLDB or at DB and start saving immediately for years and years… Without any deterioration in performance which otherwise always happened in other solutions of energy saving like Energy saving Chokes, Tube lights, Lamps etc devices.

Ques. : We have already installed ENERGY SAVING CHOKES and TUBE LIGHTS Now Still you recommend us to install your equipments? WHY?

Ans. : Yes, because you have still scope of saving by approx. 14 % to 18%. Investment in installing this equipment in comparison with replacement of tube lights and chokes is much less and much longer life without deterioration of performance. Your tube lights & chokes will not take care of other luminaries such like MV / SV lamps, Metal Halide lamps, halogen lamps etc… deterioration factor in tubes and chokes are always remain. This equipment is centralized solution and hence it will save on each and every luminary.

Ques. : Which are the area of APPLICATION where your equipment can perform to it’s BEST ABILITY.

Ans. : Wherever is lighting, there can be energy conservation unit. If one wants to define the application in one more sentence, he can just simplify say it as : The Energy Conversation unit developed by ‘SHEPHERD’ is inevitable wherever lighting is available and wherever you need greater Electrical & money savings.

Ques. : How can we find out our Load?

Ans. : It is very simple. You should have either experienced technician or engineer familiar with your existing lighting distribution network. All he need is DIGITAL CLAMP METER to read voltage, current KVA, KW & PF (in case if you do not have a facility to read the KVA, KW & PF in your clamp meter just give us voltage and current in any of the format, we shall inform you what should be your lighting load. If possible, to counter tally your readings of voltage & current & in order to achieve the better level of accuracy you can send us the list of quantity and rating ( Watts of each lamp/ tube, fan etc) of luminaries, fan, Xerox machines, computers & printers. The formats are provided in our website which can be down loaded for such specific purpose.
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