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Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)
UHI series of SHEPHERD CVT's , being produced are designed to additionally Address itself to such line disturbances and provide better all round performance. Besides, of course, providing sufficient degree of output voltage regulation against Random changes in the input voltage and load etc. salient features of the UHI (Ultra High Isolation) series CVT are as under.

Noise Attenuation Ratio is highly improved to make the CVT to also act as an Ultra High Isolator thus making the noise suppresser redundant.

Less effect of variation in line frequency on the output set voltage as brought down to 1.27% from 1.40%.

Enhanced power against momentary overloads.

Units are inherently protected against failure on account of short circuit of O/P.

Instant response & correction of voltage.

The CVT (Ferro) uses the unique principle of Ferro resonance: operation of a transformer in the region of magnetic saturation. When the iron core of a transformer is in saturation, relatively large changes in winding current results in very small changes in magnetic flux. Winding current and magnetic flux are proportional to the input and output voltage, respectively. This means that relatively large changes in input voltage result in small changes in output voltage: this being the fundamental purpose of an automatic voltage regulator.

Additionally, the Ferro voltage regulator, by its unique design, provides good isolation of load equipment from line noise and surges. The output voltage regulation is also smooth so long as the manufacturer has taken steps to minimize the distortion that is caused by operation in the saturation region. Ferro voltage regulators can be very durable with some manufacturers offering warranties in excess of 10 years.

One unusual operating characteristic of the ferro voltage regulator is that its design can limit the amount of current to the load. When is load current exceeds about 150% of rated current of a ferro voltage regulator, the unit is “pulled” out of the saturation region, the output voltage collapses to a very small value and the current is thereby limited. In some applications, this characteristic is intentionally used to protect loads from high currents.

Hence UHI series of SHEPHERD CVT’s, tropicalised to perform under adverse power conditions is indeed an answer for effective protection to your highly sophisticated equipments and microprocessor systems.
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